Thursday, June 25, 2009

Everybody has a story!

Today a revelation struck me like a flash of lightning-Everybody has a story.
I had a encounter with a very grumpy, outspoken, filthy talking, abrasive, and cynical woman. She spilled unkind and hurtful words from her mouth because of what seemed to be a small set-back. I had delayed her for her appointment by 5 minutes, and because of this she was livid and even asked for the spelling of my name so that she could file a report with my institution for the delay in her day. Her over-reaction seemed strange, however after speaking with her I learned "Her Story." She was born to mute parents who were resentful and heartbroken that she was not a male, she explained to me that her mother miscarried a male fetus prior to her birth. Her father had hoped for a boy in hopes that he could help with the financial burdens of the family by laboring on their farm. From the first year of her life until she was 17yrs old her father made it very clear to her that she was not suitable for his needs by physically abusing her in a horrific fashion, even sending her down a flight of stairs and knocking her unconscious. After hearing just a glimpse of her childhood I was instantly aware of why this woman is bitter, abrupt, and rude-it is not that she desired to be this way-I believe it is her childhood circumstances that hardened her heart. Somewhere inside that heart of hers is still a soft ventricle, and by the end of our encounter she hugged me twice, apologized for her behavior, and thanked me for talking with her when in reality the only words I uttered during my time with her was "I'm sorry." She did not desire an explanation to my tardiness all she wanted was some human compassion-and for someone to listen to her story. We all have a story, a book, or a least a page to a story still being written. There is a reason the person who cut you off on the freeway shouts profanity's at you, or why the person standing on the off-ramp half sober needs a meal or a drink. I bet if we stop to listen to each other-we could learn about the novels of each other's lives.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

You Dad's are amazing-Happy Father's Day! My dad is a awesome example of all that a Dad can be! Love you Dad so mucho much thanks for all that you do and all your support always! My BPC is a great dad, I love watching him father our children all the while he grows in his relationship with our heavenly father.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Going on a Bear Hunt

Well we are at it again-roughing it that is, however anytime you are in the presence of Omi there is no such thing as roughing it..she does everything in style-including camping. Omi was accompanied by T-dawg, J-bear, and my sis and her crew this past week as they visited the national forest to enjoy nature and all of God's creation including the mountain creatures...T & J had a chance to fine tune their mad fishing skills, skateboarding techniques, and branch breaking "top of the world" tree climbing. BPC and I visited for a few days also (as did Opi) We all had a great time, T & J had a great time...what a way to kick off summer 09'-Thanks Omi for the kickin' cuisine-the luxury set-up and the good times!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Camping with the C's amongst the trees

We spent the weekend camping at Mountain Lakes in Lytle Creek with the C's (Nana, Papa, Uncle Ran, Aunt Holly, Avery, Aunt Amanda, Uncle Dustin, Danika, Duke & Jake). The boys had fun hanging with their cousins in pink, and don't let the dainty pink outfits fool you-these girls had no trouble finding the dirt. Once they are mobile I don't think they will have any problem keeping up with their older cousins T-dawg & J-bear. T-dawg and J-bear were on a mission to catch a wild animal during the trip. They built a trap & waited patiently to see what they could capture-patience is a virtue-haha. They were both eager to also capture some catfish, they assisted their Uncles Randy & Dustin in the feat-however only to be reminded again that patience is a virtue. They were however successful in trapping each other in the tent (they called it their bomb shelter.) They also managed to feed baby ducks, play at camp, get unrecognizably dirty, make us laugh, make us smores, and make us love every minute of being in their prescence. We enjoyed our time we spent hanging with the family (my apologies if you were not present during the limited photo shoot.) Thank-you Nana & Papa, we are grateful for the invitation and hospitality-we had fun-even minus the sun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chop Chop

Look out Zack Effron here comes Tdawg!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary!

mom & dad
shell & chad
george & lil
dad & nana
nana & grandpa T
aunt patty & nick
guys & dolls
This weekend my Nana and Grandpa Tony hosted a fantastic dinner at their home for Blaine and I in honor of our 10 year anniversary. They put on a incredible spread accompanied by some delicious wines. Nana had been saving our champagne glasses from our wedding night for this special occasion-so we ended the evening with a celebratory toast and kiss. Thanks Nana & Grandpa Tony for a wonderful evening and celebration.

Friday, June 5, 2009

June Gloom

This week zoomed by as BPC is still wearing out the couch cushions-he does however have a dr.s appointment on Monday with the ankle specialist-we are praying that he gets a load of good news. We got to spend some time with our niece Miss D on Monday-she came to hangout with her cousins and Ez-E! We also celebrated with T-dog's classmates as his awesome teacher
Mrs. M hosted a awards ceremony honoring the kids for their hardwork the past year. T-dog was awarded the "Most Improved Handwriting" award-I was delighted as we have really been working hard on improving his handwriting(like father like son-lol.) We enjoyed Sunday dinner & a spa swim at my sister's casa-and again a swim at Omi & Opi's Tuesday afternoon. BPC's family visited with us on last Saturday & treated to Frugos yum! Thunder and lightning visited on Wednesday afternoon, the stormy sky was breathtaking. On a sad note this week a long time patient of mine passed away after a battle with liver disease-she truly was a energetic & loving woman who will be welcomed in heaven and missed by those who knew her. Please keep Jordan Macias in your prayers. We are all looking forward to the weekend and another bout of stormy weather (my favorite.) Blessings to all and again much thanks to mom & dad for all your extra help & support!