Friday, February 27, 2009

Welcome Tartar & Sauce

Welcome Tartar & Sauce to the family-
as you read on the previous post Taylor's fish "TJ" went to the big fish bowl in the sky-so after a proper burial we headed to the pet store-where we found our newest members of the family-it was a bumpy ride home (the silver fish survived two brutal drops-the bag was slippery)-but now they are Home sweet Home!

Orange is not my favorite color

Happy Friday-

Another week come and gone but not without leaving it's mark-forget "Not Monday's" welcome to "Oh Yes-Yes it did-it most definitely did"

Yes my hair did turn a lovely hue of orange as I attempted to save some moolaa and try the do-it-yourself home coloring kit! There's a reason my hairdresser drives a pimped out ride-with a rockin stereo system-lol :)

Yes we did have a great time at the Intimacy Ignited study this week-ooolala

Yes Jordyn's barking cough made a come-back-GO AWAY ALREADY!

Yes Taylor's fish "TJ" (stands for Taylor Jr.) went to be with the Lord this week-and he asked"how he would get there from the toliet bowl"

Yes the kids did go to the Zoo & have a blast

Yes Blaine did drive to Utah & back in 1.5 days for work-miles baby miles!

Yes my mom did take me early birthday shopping and spoil me crazy-gotta luv her

Yes I was very saddened by a friend's loss this week :(

Yes I do check my blog everyday-to see if there are any updates-not realizing I'm the updater-duh

lots of love and bloggers Tara

Friday, February 20, 2009


This year 2009 I have declared is going to begin as a year of revelation. What do I mean by revelation-well I have decided that in December of 2009 I will not utter the words "wow another year flies by," no instead I will shout "wow look at what God has done!" I will allow my heart to be open to his word and my life to be devoted to his will. There are many things God has already revealed to me as I have made this declaration.
Less work-more play
Less nagging-more praise
Less-T.V.-more outdoors
Less sleep-more life & love (ooolala)
Less world-more Jesus
Less worrying-more prayer
Less money-more trust
Less carbohydrates-more veggies(ok this one is all me)
Less of me & more of him
I'm seeing a pattern here Less=More
So stay tuned I can assure you there is lots more to come....
lots of love Taralina

Thursday, February 19, 2009