Friday, March 27, 2009

Blast Off

J has really been doing a great job at nap time..Yesterday I was bragging to a co-worker that I can walk him to his room-tuck him in-give him XOXO-and within a minute or two he is sawing logs..Well you can imagine my panic when I went to check on him this afternoon & as I slowly peeked in the tiny opening of his bedroom door-he was not in his cozy elephant bed-nor was laying on his gator pillow (his alternate sleeping spot)-I shouted his name & at the same time I quickly glanced to the opposite corner of his room to find him curled up in his rocket-ship! Relief!! He is such a funny character-always doing things on his own terms :)

Go T-Bucket

T dog did an amazing job building his pinewood derby truck & took First Place in the Derby! When we replayed the video it is hardly watchable(is this a word?) because mom's hands were so shaky from adrenaline of the win :) I guesss it is not so much that he won but that the pride I had in him for following through and for doing a job well done. He really poured his heart and soul into this build and with the help of dad he made a pretty hot little ride. The other boys on the team had some neat cars too-good job Tigers!! Omi, Opi, Grams, Uncle Chad-Aunt LeLe, Ez-E, J, and Mommy all were in attendance for the event ( Dad had to work at the Porsche race)-T gets to take his car to the District races next month-Good Luck T-Dog!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


At least that's what the e-mail in my inbox said-ha! It read-"Congratulations you have won 2.5 million dollars from Microsoft!" funny all I have to do is go to a wacky titled web address & enter in every bit of private and personal information that I can think of & my winnings will arrive via check in the mail-Happy Belated Birthday to me!
OK so maybe it's a scam but what was not a joke was the awesome birthday weekend & celebration I had. I spent the weekend with some amazing sisters in San Juan Capistrano-I truly came home with some clear directions from God about some issues I'm currently dealing with-the speaker mentioned a really useful acronym SBIGO!
SBIGO-something bigger is going on
we don't always know why things happen the way they do but the Lord knows exactly why & if allowed his Will will be done-LET GO LET GOD!! and remember SBIGO
I ended the weekend with a amazing Birthday party hosted by my admired mom-she made the most delicious Thai cuisine imaginable-lettuce wraps-glass noodles-steak-chicken satay-Jamaican hammocks-and three various desserts-homemade cheesecake-angel food cake & fresh seasonal fruit...oh yeah and three complimentary sauces-raspberry puree-lemon Cello & dark chocolate :) My family & friends spoiled me with love-attention & thoughtful gifts-I'm truly blessed & grateful. Thanks is owed to a mother who will go without so that her children do not-to a mom who is humble & modest yet extraordinary-to a mom who takes nothing and gives all-to a mom who defines unconditional-I LOVE YOU MOM!! Thank-you mom& dad for a awesome birthday! Thank-you Blaine for spoiling me rotten-I love all my gifts-thanks #1 Hubby!! Thanks EVERYBODY!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Note to Self

Note to Self

Buy some Blue Monster Truck Pull-Ups

Buy a new mop head

Pink Panties

As you may have read on my mom's blog I did indeed have to subject my 2 year old to pink panties-yikes! I opened up the pack of pull-ups & to my surprise they were Pink Dora the Explorer pull-ups-and I'm sure you would agree that they are pricey so no need to waste them-I said to myself - self "I will just use them while we are chillaxin" however when J Bear spotted Boots on the back side he was ecstatic-he could not be more thrilled! He felt it was most necessary to show every person within a five mile radius his dora diapers-discreet is not his middle name..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cub Scout Cake Bake disaster !
Ok ladies I'm sure you can relate-Saturday was the 79th b-day celebration for the Cub-Scouts & thus the big birthday party was held Sat. evening. Now part of the celebration was a annual "Cake-Bake"-now let me remind you this is T's first year as a cub-scout so mom is still learning the ropes. The "Cake-Bake" rules state that each scout shall bake a cake for a cake auction-the den mothers stressed how important it was that the scout do the baking with minimal assistance from mom-as a law-abiding citizen I followed the rules & T made a wonderfully tasting-kinda ugly "Dump-Cake" (see recipe below). We chose the dump-cake as it literally requires no mixing & only dumping (hit the easy button!) I truly imagined that this creation would reel in a substantial donation at the auction-however to my embarrassment when we arrived to the party I realized that we were surrounded by rule breaking den mother's who must be professional bakers on the side ;) they were wheeling in cakes that could be on the cover of Martha's magazine-one even had a working gold mine No Joke! It sold for $50 bucks!-T's cake: ugly but TASTY reeled in a whooping $5.00 from a anonymous donor (I'm guessing it was daddy) as I noticed our poor lonely cake sitting on the auction table all night-it's probably still there-so if your hungry for a tasty dump cake head on over to the Methodist Church in Yucaipa. I would go now as I imagine the chaos will begin as soon as I post this here post-lol
Dump Cake:
1 large can crushed pineapple-1 can of cherry pie filling-1 box of yellow cake mix-2 sticks of butter sliced-nuts
dump pineapple into bottom of pan-dollop cherry mixture by the teaspoon on top of pineapple-sprinkle entire box of cake mix on top-place slices of butter on top of cake mix-sprinkle with nuts & bake at 350 four 1 hour-then scoop & enjoy!


To Buy:

3 Overpriced Cub Scout Themed Martha Stewart Cake Pans In Various Sizes

100 Various Colored & Flavored Cake Frostings

Cake Toppers-Check Local Cake Supplier

10 Batches of Fondant

Cake Stencils

Cake Airbrush Machine

Cake Pedestals

Lighting to Illuminate The Cake

Flour-Butter-Sugar-Eggs-Vanilla-Baking Powder/Soda

To Do:

Spend several sleepless nights creating a cake spectacular as to not be embarrassed at the next "Cub-Scout Cake Bake" (see next post for details) start now as the clock is ticking only 360 days to go!